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2015 All Stars and League Honors Announced

08/08/2015, 7:00pm CDT
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Offensive All Stars

Riza Mahmoud RB - St. Paul Pioneers

Cleveland McCoy QB - St. Paul Pioneers

Ronald Zolicoffer RB/WR - St. Paul Pioneers

Jacob Husnik OL - St. Paul Pioneers

CJ Sanderson OL - St. Paul Pioneers

Delane Woods WR - St. Paul Pioneers

Kedric Stokes QB - Chippewa Valley Predators

Hodari Peterson WR - Chippewa Valley Predators

Chris Garner OL - Chippewa Valley Predators

Hershal Brazell RB - Chippewa Valley Predators

Karl Hoffmann QB - River City Rough Riders

RaSheem Sharpe WR - River City Rough Riders

Craig Warmzinski RB - River City Rough Riders

Brett Schreiner QB - North Bank Bulls

D'Andre Sherill WR - North Bank Bulls

Rene Vargas OL - Minnesota Sting

Ryan Casper WR - Menomonie Thunderhawks

Tristan Wohlrabe-Fritsch WR - Fox Valley Force

Andy De Bruin WR - Fox Valley Force

Defensive All Stars

Jeff McGaster DL - St. Paul Pioneers

Rob Wills DL - St. Paul Pioneers

Steve Robinson DB - Chippewa Valley Predators

Kellen Lager DL - Chippewa Valley Predators

Kevin Suber DL - River City Rough Riders

Willie McCalebb DB - River City Rough Riders

Marvin Hooker DB  - River City Rough Riders

Clifton Krotz DB - North Bank Bulls

Joey Hiben DL - North Bank Bulls

Brad Albino DL - North Bank Bulls

Jacob Rodriguez DB - Minnesota Sting

Tim Wendroth DL - Minnesota Sting

Romone McKnuckles DB - Minnesota Sting

Dominic Peace DB - Minnesota Sting

Jordan Anderson LB - Menomonie Thunderhawks

Jeff Erickson DL - Menomonie Thunderhawks

Kendall Wade DB - Menomonie Thunderhawks

Jon Thomas LB - Fox Valley Force

Mason Czekala DL - Fox Valley Force

Alex Zeller DB - Twin Cities Titans

Elijah Johnson DL - Twin Cities Titans

Honorable Mention

Donte Pettis DB - St. Paul Pioneers

Scott Scmidt OL - St. Paul Pioneers

Lionel Lamarre DB - St. Paul Pioneers

Stoney West OL - Chippewa Valley Predators

Tyler Bortle OL/LB - Chippewa Valley Predators

Juan Robinson OL - Chippewa Valley Predators

Mike Rodriguez WR - North Bank Bulls

James Fields WR - North Bank Bulls

Jesse Goebel DL - North Bank Bulls

Chad Hasz OL - River City Rough Riders

Clarence Woods WR - River City Rough Riders

Philip Ditto WR - River City Rough Riders

Clint Husby WR - Menomonie Thunderhawks

Justin Randall RB - Menomonie Thunderhawks

Troy Young QB/DB - Menomonie Thunderhawks

Josh Zinda LB - Minnesota Sting

Chris Uttke OL/DL - Minnesota Sting

Josh Swift WR - Minnesota Sting

John Wrubbel DB - Fox Valley Force

Caleb Bentz OL - Fox Valley Force

Cody Robel K/P - Fox Valley Force

Joshua Young DB - Twin Cities Titans

Tobias Day OL/DL - Twin Cities Titans

Christian Milan RB - Twin Cities Titans


League Honors

Head Coach of the Year

Mark Heiser - St. Paul Pioneers

Assistant Coach of the Year

James Walsh – St. Paul Pioneers

Executive of the Year

Chris Kelderman - St. Paul Pioneers

League MVP

Karl Hoffman QB - River City Rough Riders

Offensive MVP

Karl Hoffmann QB - River City Rough Riders

Defensive MVP

Jeff McGaster DL - St. Paul Pioneers

Special Teams MVP

Craig Warmzinski PR - River City Rough Riders

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