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Player Safety is Main Priority for NEFL

05/03/2018, 2:00pm CDT

Example: Players must make an attempt to wrap-up

Player Safety is the #1 priority for the Northern Elite Football League.  No one is getting paid to play and everyone has a job and family to go back to.  With Permission from the Invaders, below is one example from 2017 that warranted an Ejection & Suspension the next game (1.5 games total).

While targeting fouls aren't enough for an ejection the committee felt that this hit was egregious enough to warrant the ejection due to the fact that a forearm was thrown at the ball carriers head. 

Player safety is paramount and these are the types of hits we need to remove from the game if football is to going to survive. 

2018 Point of Emphasis: Player Safety

  • The league will continue to strictly enforce all rules that encourage player safety

  • Players must avoid hitting defenseless players, hitting or blocking opponents in the head or neck area, or using the crown or hairline parts of the helmet to make forcible contact anywhere on the body

  • Players must have back pads and shoulder pads covered, helmets strapped up, and mouth guards in when they are on the field

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