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Possible Playoff Scenarios - One Week to Go

07/17/2017, 5:45pm CDT

We Know Who's In

In the NEFL the Top-3 teams from each Division make the playoffs.  #3 plays @ #2, with the winner traveling to #1.  The NEFL Championship is played with the West vs East Division Winners.
Let's look at Possible Playoff Scenarios. 

We now know which 6 teams will have a chance to hoist the trophy, but no seeds are secured yet.

Fargo Invaders
- Division Record: 6-1
- Points Against: 86
- Game Remaining: @ Warriors
- Best Case: #1
- Worst Case: #3
- Outlook: If the Invaders win, they get the #1 seed.
- Scenarios: If Fargo loses it would give all three teams two losses.  The Points Against tie-breaker isn't favoring the Invaders, so they would likely fall to the #3 seed.

Minneapolis Warriors
- Division Record: 5-2
- Points Against: 52
- Games Remaining: vs Invaders
- Best Case: #1
- Worst Case: #3
- Outlook: The Warriors get the #1 seed by beating the Invaders, while allowing less than 16 points.
- Scenarios: If the Warriors lose to the Invaders they would be the #3 seed. 
With a win over the Invaders, it would come-down to Points Against tie-break for #1/#2/#3.

St Paul Pioneers
- Division Record: 5-2
- Points Against: 68
- Games Remaining: vs Brawlers
- Best Case: #1
- Worst Case: #3
- Outlook: The best case is a shutout of the Brawlers, while the Invaders lose to the Warriors but score at least 17 points.
- Scenarios: If Minneapolis loses to the Invaders, the Pioneers would be the #2 seed and host the Warriors 7/29 (pending a win over the Brawlers).
The Brawlers would need to score 21, while the Invaders lose but only give up 3 points for the Pioneers to drop all the way to #3.  So as long as St Paul beats Minnesota a #2 seed or better is likely.

Best Guess: Pioneers #2, Invaders/Warriors play for #1/#3.  Though a high scoring Warriors win would push the Pioneers to #1.

Northland Bulls
- Division Record: 6-1
- Points Against: 71
- Games Remaining: vs Predators
- Best Case: #1
- Worst Case: #2
- Outlook: If the Bulls win, they will get the #1 seed.
- Scenarios: A Bulls loss AND Rough Rider win would come down to the Points Against tie-breaker which currently favors River City (+5 pts).

River City Rough Riders
- Division Record: 5-2
- Points Against: 66
- Games Remaining: vs Thunderhawks
- Best Case: #1
- Worst Case: #3
- Outlook: If the Bulls win, River City would be the #2 seed
- Scenarios: If the Bulls lose AND Rough Riders win, it comes down to tie-breaker for the #1 seed.  If the Bulls lose AND Rough Riders lose AND Rough Riders give up 34 more points than the Predators do (against the Bulls), then River City would drop to #3.

Chippewa Valley Predators
- Division Record: 4-3
- Points Against: 100
- Games Remaining: @ Bulls
- Best Case: #2
- Worst Case: #3
- Outlook: #2 would be a stretch, as they would have beat the Bulls, while the winless Thunderhawks defeat the Rough Riders while scoring at least 35 points.  So it's more realistic that the Predators will be #3.
- Scenarios: Chippewa Valley is the KEY TEAM for the Whole League to watch.  Even though the Predators are pretty much locked in at #3;

  • A win over the Bulls could bump River City to #1, and would set up a rematch with the Bulls/Preds the following week
  • A loss to the Bulls would give Northland the #1 seed, thus having the Predators travel to River City the following week
  • As for the West, the "Points Against" tie-breaker could determine who is the #1 Overall Seed and could host the Elite Bowl; with Bulls, Invaders, Rough Riders, Warriors, & Pioneers still all able to secure the #1 Overall seed.

Best Guess: Predators #3, Bulls #1 with a win or #2 with a loss.

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