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***** For Immediate Release****

07/23/2017, 1:34pm CDT
By Chris Kelderman, NEFL President

Due to an oversight, the calculations that were posted on the NEFL website and Facebook pages were incorrect. This was brought to my attention yesterday. As soon as I learned of the situation, I contacted the Executive Committee to research this situation and make calculations.

The situation is a result of a team playing illegal players in week two of the season and they had to forfeit the game as a result according to NEFL bylaws.

During week two, the Brawlers played three illegal players. The owner of the Brawlers was notified hours before the game that if they played those players the NEFL would follow the league bylaws and the consequences listed in the bylaws.

It was voted on and decided by a 9-0 vote that according to the bylaws, the Brawlers would be fined and would forfeit the game. The Pioneers would receive a 2-0 victory. It was also decided that the score on the website would remain 35-7. Also, the players would not be penalized and that the stats would still count in league statistics.

Following yesterday's games in the Western Conference, there was a three way tie with the Invaders, Pioneers and Warriors all having the same league record. The next tie breaker according to NEFL bylaws is head to head records. They have all lost to each other one time in 2017. The third tie breaker is where the problem comes up. This is points allowed in league games tie breaker.

When the points allowed were figured and posted to the league website, they were calculated from the scores posted on the website, without taking into consideration the forfeit in week two.

Going by the scenario that was posted,the Warriors would have the West by 4 points over the Pioneers.

Figuring the forfeit, the Pioneers would win the division over the Warriors by 3 points.

I should have double checked the points against scenarios prior to them being posted being the President of the NEFL.

I have spoken with the three teams. Obviously, the Warriors are extremely upset. They game planned according to what was posted on the league website believing they had a 16 point cushion.

I do take responsibility in this situation for not double checking the playoff scenarios prior to them being posted. I have full faith and trust in the NEFL's webmaster/statistician. Unfortunately, there was a human error that was made and no members of the Executive or Administrative Committees caught the error prior to yesterday.

I will copy and post the portion of the minutes talking about the forfeit and the vote.

The 9-0 vote was made by the Administrative Committee on the NEFL weekly Monday evening conference call. During the call, each of the previous weeks games are reviewed along with upcoming weeks games. The Administrative Committee is made up of members of every team in the NEFL. Each team gets one equal vote. As President of the NEFL, I am a non voting member. The nine teams that voted were the Bulls, Force, Invaders, Pioneers, Predators, Rough Riders, Sting and Warriors. The Brawlers were not eligible to vote as they were the offending party. This vote took place on one of the two conference calls that I have missed this season due to personal conflicts.

No one ever would have thought that this unanimous vote in week two would have led to this at the end of the season. As a league, we have learned that instead of trying to save public embarrassment, we should have let everyone know what happened at that time. Now as a league, we are dealing with more issues than there would have been if the original issue would have been posted.

The NEFL collectively and officially apologizes to all the teams involved especially the Minneapolis Warriors as they were affected negatively by this the most.

I am aware many people believe that I withheld information or am doing this due to my previous extensive ties to the Pioneers. Trust me, that is not who I am or how I operate.

If any of you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at my NEFL email.

Chris Kelderman
NEFL President

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