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07/24/2017, 9:30pm CDT
By NEFL Executive Board

Tonight on the NEFL weekly call the NEFL President informed the teams of the NEFL that they found out some information that changed the final standings for the league. It was divulged earlier this week by the Brawlers that they had used ineligible players in most of their games this season. The NEFL Executive committee held an emergency call last night and made a decision that the Brawlers would forfeit all of their games this season.

The league discussed the decision and there was no vote brought to the league by any teams to reverse the executive committees decision. Resulting all of the Brawlers games being forfeited. The players from the Brawlers will still be eligible for league awards.

The final seedings in the West will be:
1. Warriors
2. Pioneers
3. Invaders

We know that this is a hard decision and subject for the league after a previous mistake by the league as a whole with the tie breaker points. We openly apologize for the issues this has caused.

Thank you in advance,
NEFL Executive Committee

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