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Power Rankings - Final Regular Season

07/25/2017, 11:15pm CDT

Warriors End on High Note

The Fargo Invaders held the #1 spot for exactly one week and now they give way to the Minneapolis Warriors who were ranked #7 in Week 3 after starting (1-2).

1. Minneapolis Warriors (6-2; 8-2) +1
Best: 1 | Worst: 7

Minneapolis started the season at (1-2), losing to both the Invaders & Pioneers on the Road.  But since then they have been on a roll, on their way to the #1 seed in the West.  Up Next: 8/5 vs Winner of Invaders/Pioneers - NEFL West Championship

2. St. Paul Pioneers (6-2; 8-3) +1
    Best: 1 | Worst: 3

St Paul fell to #3 last week, their first week not being ranked #1 after being shutout 14-0 to the Invaders.  After a dominating performance against the Brawlers, they are back up to #2.  Up Next: vs #4 Fargo Invaders (6-2) - NEFL West Semi-Finals

3. Northland Bulls (7-1; 7-2) +1
Best: 3 | Worst: 7

The Bulls started the year (0-2) with losses at Pioneers and at Rough Riders, but have won every game since.  They move up to their highest ranking of the season after going (7-1) in the East Division.  Up Next: 8/5 vs Winner of Rough Riders/Predators - NEFL East Championship

4. Fargo Invaders (6-2; 6-3) -3
    Best: 1 | Worst: 4

After spending all season at #2, the Invaders dropped to #3 after the Warriors defeated the Pioneers only to jump to #1 the next week finally surpassing the Pioneers after a 14-0 win.  Only to give up 3 spots on the last week of the season after losing big in Minneapolis.  Up Next: @ #2 St Paul Pioneers (6-2) - NEFL West Semi-Finals

5. River City Rough Riders (6-2; 8-4) +0
    Best: 3 | Worst: 5

River City opened the season as one of the last 3 undefeated teams at (3-0) before losing to the Warriors.  Later in the season the Rough Riders fell to the Bulls & Predators.  Up Next: vs #6 Chippewa Valley Predators (4-4) - NEFL East Semi-Finals

6. Chippewa Valley Predators (4-4; 6-4) +0
    Best: 5 | Worst: 7

After a Runner-Up finish in the 2016 Elite Bowl, the Predators had high expectations entering the season; looking to repeat as East Champions. However, the East Division has proven to be a new challenge this year as the Bulls came over from the West and the Rough Riders elevating their play.  Most of the season they have been #6.  Up Next: @ #5 River City Rough Riders (6-2) - NEFL East Semi-Finals

7. Fox Valley Force (3-5; 3-7) +0
    Best: 4 | Worst: 7

Fox Valley started the year with a 28-7 win over the Defending East Champions, but things didn't get much better from there as they were only able to pick up two more wins on the season.  Up Next: Off-Season

8. Battle Creek Sting (1-7; 2-7) +0
    Best: 8 | Worst: 9

The Sting opened the season with a victory over the Thunderhawks and capped it off with a win over the Brawlers.  Everything in-between has been a growing opportunity for 2018.  Up Next: Off-Season

9. Hudson Thunderhawks (0-8; 1-10) +1
Best: 9 | Worst: 10

Hudson picked up an easy win against the Northland Blitz, but were unable to carry that momentum into the Regular Season.  Up Next: Off-Season

10. Minnesota Brawlers (1-7; 1-7) -1
    Best: 8 | Worst: 10

Minnesota had a difficult season in the tough West Division, as they were unable to get things going in their 2nd Season in the NEFL.  Up Next: Off-Season


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