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Playoff Breakdown - 2 Weeks Remain

07/01/2018, 9:45am CDT

Tiebreakers Will Be Crucial


1. Sioux City Stampede (6-0) - First Round Bye, home-field throughout

  • Tie Breakers- Points Against: 34, Head-to-Head: W Invaders, W Warriors
  • Remaining Games- (Opp. Record 8-4) @ Pioneers, vs Bulls

Sioux City has built a 47 Points Against Buffer, so even if they drop the next two games, it is very likely they will get the #1 seed.


2. Fox Valley Force (5-2) - First Round Bye

  • Tie Breakers- Points Against: 91, Head-to-Head: W Bulls, L Pioneers, L Warriors
  • Remaining Games- (O.R. 3-3) @RRiders

At this point, it's looking strong for the Force to make the playoffs.  Points Against the Rough Riders could land them between #2 & #6.


3. Minneapolis Warriors (5-2) - Host #6 in first round

  • Tie Breakers- Points Against: 95, Head-to-Head: L Invaders, L Stampede, W Force, W Pioneers, W Bulls
  • Remaining Games- (O. R. 1-5) vs Freeze

Counting the upcoming forfeit win, the Warriors are right in the middle of Points Against tiebreaker; 4 behind the Force, 1 ahead of the Invaders, 6 ahead of the Bulls.  #2 to #6


4. Fargo Invaders (5-2) - Host #5 in first round

  • Tie Breakers- Points Against: 96, Head-to-Head: W Warriors, L Pioneers, L Stampede
  • Remaining Games- (O.R. 1-6) vs Vipers

Fargo plays the Vipers, but will need some help from the Stampede (vs Pioneers & Bulls), Freeze (vs Warriors), & Rough Riders (vs Force) to move up from #4. 


5. St Paul Pioneers (4-2) - Travel to #4 in first round

  • Tie Breakers- Points Against: 81, Head-to-Head: L Bulls, W Invaders, W Force, L Warriors
  • Remaining Games- (O.R. 8-4) vs Stampede, @ THawks

The Pioneers still have two games to play; a low-scoring win over the Stampede could vault them to #2, a loss could drop them to #6.


6. Northland Bulls (4-2) - Travel to #3 in first round

  • Tie Breakers- Points Against: 101, Head-to-Head: W Pioneers, L Force, L Warriors
  • Remaining Games- (Opp. Record 7-5) vs Freeze, @ Stampede

Giving up 45 points in Northland's recent loss drops them to #6, they will now need help from other teams to move up.



7. River City Rough Riders (3-3) - Miss Playoffs

  • Tie Breakers- Points Against: 122, Head-to-Head: L Warriors, L Bulls, L Invaders
  • Remaining Games- (O. R. 7-6) @ THawks, vs Force

With 3 losses, the Rough Riders will need to win-out, and get help in the Points Against column to get into the playoffs.


8. Hudson Thunderhawks (2-4) - Miss Playoffs

  • Tie Breakers- Points Against: 162
  • Remaining Games- (O.R. 7-5) vs RRiders, vs Pioneers

Hudson is not Officially Eliminated from the playoffs, but it would take the Pioneers or Bulls losing Both their remaining games while giving up a lot of points.


9. Med City Freeze (1-5) - Eliminated

  • Remaining Games- (O.R. 9-4) @ Bulls, @ Warriors


10. Minnesota Vipers (1-6) - Eliminated

  • Remaining Games- (O.R. 5-2) @ Invaders

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