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Playoff Field Set

07/22/2018, 9:00am CDT

Two 3-way Ties in Top 7 Teams

In the NFL, as well as the NEFL, each seed is filled independently of itself from Highest to Lowest.

#1 Seed - Sioux City Stampede via Record

#2 Seed - Minneapolis Warriors via Points Against over Fargo Invaders & Head to Head over St Paul Pioneers

#3 Seed - St Paul Pioneers vs Head to Head over Fargo Invaders

#4 Seed - Fargo Invaders via Record

#5 Seed - Fox Valley Force via Points Against over River City Rough Riders & Northland Bulls

#6 Seed - Northland Bulls via Head to Head over River City Rough Riders

Here are the Tiebreakers for 2018 - 

A. Overall league record;
B. Results of Head-to-Head competition;
C. Division record; [no divisions in 2018]
D. Total points allowed against league opponents;
E. Total points allowed against conference opponents; or
F. Coin flip.

There were questions around tie-breakers, specifically 3-way tiebreakers; with 2 proposals.

1. Once you start a 3-way tiebreaker, finish ALL 3 seedings with that tiebreak.
Example: If going to Points Against, seed all 3 teams via Points Against

2. Similar to NFL, fill each Seed from Top to Bottom using the tiebreaking system.  Start over with each seed.
Example: Fill highest seed in a 3-way tie using tiebreakers, and then for the next seeding restart the Tiebreak rules; head to head to split the 2-way remaining tie.

Proposal #2 was Voted Yes 9 to 1.  And will be used to break ties.

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