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Power Rankings - Week 10 - Final Regular Season

07/23/2018, 11:15pm CDT

Force Move into 5th Place Tie

As many ties as the NEFL has had with Seeding Playoffs - two different 3-way ties - it's only right that the last Power Rankings of the regular season has a Tie as well.  At #5 the Bulls & Force have tied on number of votes; the two teams are tied at (5-3) & are seeded at #5 and #6 respectively.
The Power Rankings end up similar to the Playoff Seedings, we'll wait until after the Elite Bowl to see how things shake up again.


1. Sioux City Stampede (7-1; 8-1) +0

The Stampede took care of the Bulls late, after the Northland got within 13-6 in the 3rd quarter. 
Up Next: #1 Seed - Playoff Bye - 8/4 hosting lowest seed in Semi-Finals

2. Minneapolis Warriors (6-2; 7-2) +0

Minneapolis picked up a shutout win 23-0 over the Med City Freeze to secure the #2 seed in the playoffs.
Up Next: #2 Seed - Playoff Bye - 8/4 hosting highest seed in Semi-Finals

3. St. Paul Pioneers (6-2; 7-3) +0

St Paul picked up the Forfeit win Tuesday, after the Hudson Thunderhawks ceased operations early in the week.  
Up Next: #3 Seed - 7/28 vs #6 Northland Bulls

4. Fargo Invaders (6-2; 8-2) +0

Fargo picked up the Forfeit win Saturday morning, after the Minnesota Vipers couldn't field enough players.
Up Next: #4 Seed - 7/28 vs #5 Fox Valley Force

T-5. Fox Valley Force (5-3; 6-4) +1

Fox Valley traveled to River City needing a shut out to have the #2 seed and a bye, after Regulation the game went to OT tied 0-0.  The Rough Riders were able to score a TD for the 6-0 in Overtime.
Up Next: #5 Seed - 7/28 @ #4 Fargo Invaders

T-5. Northland Bulls (5-3; 5-3) +0

Northland traveled to Sioux City looking for another statement win.  After hanging around for 3 quarters, lack of depth got to them in the 4th ultimately falling 6-33.
Up Next: #6 Seed - 7/28 @ #3 St Paul Pioneers

7. River City Rough Riders (5-3; 7-3) +0

The Rough Riders needed a win for their chance at playoffs, but would still need help from the Bulls.  River City did their part, but missed out on tie-breakers via the Bulls defeat.

8. Med City Freeze (1-7; 1-7) +1

Med City played the MOST DIFFICULT Schedule in the NEFL, having to go against the Top 7 teams.  The NEFL itself is difficult, and for its' first year in 11-man football, the Freeze turned some heads. 

9. Minnesota Vipers (1-7; 1-9) +1

Minnesota forfeited their last game of the season, against the Invaders. They did move up in the rankings ahead of the Thunderhawks who ceased operations.

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