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Annual Meeting Notes

10/09/2018, 11:00am CDT

Board Positions Filled, Bylaw Changes Proposed


The 2018 Northern Elite Football season is in the books.  October 6th was the Year-End meeting and the last meeting for long-time President Chris Kelderman.  Chris announced at the beginning of the year that 2018 would be his last year with the league, as he would be retiring at the conclusion of the year.

Voted in as the new President of the NEFL is Matt Petznick of the Fargo Invaders who formerly acted as the league Vice President.  Filling the vacant Vice President role is Jason Garnand from the Sioux City Stampede.  Brenda Parker is remaining the NEFL Secretary while also assuming the league Treasurer role.  Petznick will also remain the NEFL Webmaster, as Tyler Downs will continue to serve as the Head of Officials.

There was a second meeting October 6th as well, which acted as the kickoff meeting for 2019.  Some of the key talking points were:

  • Numbering System.  Teams will be expected to have Offensive Lineman wear a number between 50-79 on the offensive line.  No player 1-39 will be allowed to play as an Offensive Lineman.
  • Number of Refs. NEFL will remain with 5 officials for 2019.
  • Social Media / Taunting Penalties. To help keep things clean on gamedays, there is potential for additional taunting penalties to be discussed during April rules meeting.
  • NEFL Expansion. The NEFL is looking to stick to the Elite name and will focus on Quality teams over Quantity.  A few limited teams will be asked to apply.
  • Tiebreaker Scenarios. The past two years has seen 3 different 3-way ties for playoffs.  To help break ties, a key change was to compare Point Differential among Common Opponents
    The change from Points Against tiebreak to now Point Differential will allow teams to substitute more players on defense without focusing on maintaining a Shutout.  Teams can receive a Maximum of 17 Point Differential, so 50-0 or 50-7 will both be (+17) Point Differential. The losing team minimum is (-17) Point Differential, except forfeit is (-35).
  • All Star Game.  The NEFL will be playing an All-Star game against the RIFL 10/27/18.  The league has been approached by two additional leagues for 2019 as well.
  • Bylaw Updates.  The conclusion of the meeting was to review the Bylaws.


All-in-All, 2019 should be a GREAT Year building on one of the most competitive seasons in 2018.


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