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2019 Schedule Released + Exciting Announcements

12/05/2018, 11:45pm CST
By NEFL Staff

8 Game Regular Season, 4-team Playoff

There are a Lot of things to be excited for in the 2019 Northern Elite Football League.  NEFL President Matt Petznick says, "This is the most Competitive league Top-Down, there will be no games off.  We made offers to other strong teams; however they declined for the 2019 season.  We'll continue to work on different partnerships that will make our league even stronger in years to come."  The 2019 season will have 8 regular season games, with a 4-team playoff. 

In this meeting the teams voted on and passed the addition of the Northern Elite Football League Players Association (NEFLPA).  Vice President Jason Garnand will lead the group of players made up of 1 player from each team, with a Player President able to join League Calls and League Meetings on behalf of the players.  Garnand states, "NEFLPA is created to continue the transparency on how the NEFL operates and makes its Decisions.  NEFLPA will help our quest to be the most competitive and marketable league in the country.  Ultimately it's about the players in this league.  So giving them a vehicle to be heard will make the NEFL stronger for the future."

Teams also voted to adjustment the Playoff Tiebreakers.  With a 3-way tie in 2017 and two 3-way ties in 2018, some tweaking will help clean things up.  Petznick said, "Being as competitive as we are as a league, similar Regular Season records will happen.  There were some solid adjustments made to appease both teams & players."

Section 13.10. Tie Breakers
The following hierarchy of criteria shall be used to determine the team seeds for N.E.F.L. playoffs.

1. All seeding will be filled from the Top Seed, down. (E.g. Run all tiebreakers for #1 until filled, than start over with all tiebreakers for #2)

a. Exception if the tiebreak comes down to a Game of Chance, coin flip; All tied teams & remaining tied seeds will be determined by coin flip.

2. A forfeit equals 35 Points Against and negative 35 Point Differential.

3. Tiebreakers shall be;

A. Overall League Record

B. W/L Results of Head-to-Head competition; all tied teams must have played each other

C. Division Record

D. Total Point Differential against Common league opponents; up to +/- 17 points per game.**  (Exception; Forfeit is +17/-35)

E. Total Point Differential against Common division opponents; up to +/- 17 points per game.** (Exception; Forfeit is +17/-35)

F.  Coin Flip

** If an uneven # of games played against a Common Opponent, use Average Point Differential for that team.

"Having the Tie-Breaker include Point Differential instead of Points Against is a positive for the players in our league.  In the past teams would keep their Top Defense on the field, even if winning 42-0, in order to preserve the Shut Out & keep Points Against low."  Petznick continues, "this will allow teams to build depth on defense and give players more reps. We've also capped Point Differential at 17 points to limit teams from running up the score."

More positive changes for the league were also successfully voted on by teams; those details will be released at a later date.


Here's the 2019 Schedule -

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