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Fox Valley Force

Regular Season 2017

Team Info:


Established: 2006

Colors: Royal Blue / Black / White

Home Field: Appleton North High School

2017 Record: 3-5 (Overall 3-7)

Lifetime Record: 93-35



Phone: (920) 794-4096



Phone: (920) 664-0876

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Recent Fox Valley Force News

More Than Just A Game

06/12/2018, 5:00am CDT
By Matthew Crooks

June 9th, 2018 was a very emotional day for many coaches, players and fans.  Fox Valley Force hosted the defending champions Minneapolis Warriors in their Cancer Awareness game.  Almost everyone by now has been affected by cancer one or another as sad as it is.  The Force brought their opponent and themselves and locked arms in the releasing of balloons dedicated to someone close to the Fox Valley Force.

That dedication was to Alex Truax, a former semi-pro football player, who lost his battle with cancer earlier this year.  Leonel Cortes and Truax were very close and when one player is affected by something, the whole team is affected.  The night the Force heard what had happened, every single one of them were hurting for their teammate and the Truax family.  Truax was a part of the Force back in 2016 for their off-season practices, although he never suited up with the Force, he made an impression with his teammates and coaches.  Other current and former Force players played with or against Truax in some shape or form.  The loss of one of their hits home.  

When times are tough, people need people.  The Force wanted to do something for the Truax family, Cortes, and all the cancer victims out there.  By bringing the players together before the game and have each team go every other, symbolized the unity and strength we can have together when times are tough.  The releasing of the balloons for Truax, was also a gesture to recognize what our league stands for.  We play for the love of the game, and even at a small level, we try and show people have places to turn to.  Semi pro football sometimes gets a bad reputation, but outsiders don’t realize what it truly brings together. 

Most semipro teams bring events to their community, get involved with their community and start to build a brotherhood that lasts forever.  Strangers join a team to compete and have fun, and at the end of the season, they have a new best friend, a new brother and a new family that is there through the good and bad times. We compete and want to win, but at the end of the day, guys get to do something that a lot of people can’t due to illness, ability or whatever the case may be.

After all that going in pregame, the players still end up playing a football game and compete as sports lovers enjoy.  The game started out with a cancer survivor, Julie Bosetski who won her battle and is 6 years cancer free.  She is the mother of Head Coach and part owner of the Fox Valley Force.  Warriors won the toss and elected to defer. 

Force started with the ball, and struggling offensively, the Force needed to change things up.  That they did, coming out in a no huddle offense and driving right down the field where TJ Arndt ended up Connecting to Emanuel “Mo” Jenkins for a 19-yard touchdown.  Jenkins, 42 years of age, has had many big games, but this one was very impressive considering his age.  Beating father time and having a day of 10 catches for 156 yards and two touchdowns.  The Warriors would end up answering back tying the game.  Fc struggled to stop the Warriors running attack early and often.  The Dark side has been the backbone to this team, but Warriors came out firing as well and giving that stingy defense a long day.

The game would go back and forth and then Warriors jumped out to a 21-10 lead with the Force catching some bad breaks.  Then also costing themselves with mismanaging the clock and ran out of time on the 2-yard line and not being able to put points on the board.  The Force would respond in the 3rd quarter with Jenkins’ second td grab of the day making the score 21-17.  Jenkins and running back Tyrone Evans gave the offense a big boost Saturday but fell short.  Evans had 161 yards on 17 carries.  The Force ended up having a punt blocked that ended up sealing their fate after the Warriors would punch it in and take a 28-17 lead as that would stand as the final.  The Force missed a lot of opportunities and end up falling to 2-2 in league play.  Halfway through the season the Force is in the middle of the pack, but with a favorable schedule ahead based on standings, the Force looks to bounce back and make their playoff push.  The Force will head to Rochester, MN this Saturday to face one of three new teams in the NEFL.  Freeze transitioning from being a successful 9-man football franchise. 

Slow Start doesn't stop the Force

05/15/2018, 11:45pm CDT
By Matthew Crooks

Opening week for the Fox Valley Force had a shaky start for much of the first quarter.  Force would eventually pull it together and have sparked the start of the season with a 17-6 win over the 2017 NEFL runners-up Northland Bulls. 

Bulls started with the ball and came out with a play action connecting on a 66-yard pass.  Cornerback Robert Conn showed great hustle tracking down the receiver before he could score at the two-yard line and the rest of the defense helped hold the Bulls to 3 points.  Starting out with 2017 All-Star tackling the Bulls running back for 2-yard loss.  The Force stingy defense would then hold the Bulls on the nest 2 pass attempts forcing the Bulls to settle for a field goal. 

Not the start the Force was hoping for with the high expectations they have with their defense.  But on the kickoff following the field goal, the Force would muff the kick and the Bulls would recover on the Force side of the field.  The defense would once again bend but not break, holding to the Bulls to another field goal now trailing 0-6.

Almost 10 minutes has passed, and the Force offense still hasn’t even stepped on the field.  The game would then go back and forth with field position.  The big play in the first half would be a diving interception by middle linebacker Kominko Lupematasila after the quarterback got hit by defensive end Quadre Davis as he threw it.  Fox Valley would then be forced to settle for a field goal to cut the lead in half 3-6.  As that would be the score entering halftime.

Being such a defensive battle early, the Force knew they needed a spark.  That spark came from Cameron Brown on the opening kickoff of the second half, as Brown returns kickoff 44 yards to setup the opening drive of the second half.  The offense would cash in on a 15-yard touchdown pass from QB TJ Arndt to wide receiver Evan Dux. 

The darkside would then force a punt that would go out of bound setting up another short field for the Force.  Offense would cash in again on the short field with some good running from running back Tyrone Evans who had 150 yards of offense.  Tyrone and the offensive line paved the way to setup a one-yard touchdown pass from Arndt to Dux for the second time today.

Up 17-6, the defense knew the game was in their hands and didn’t let the team down as the final would stand at 17-6.  Cornerback Tydus Morrow would be a big help intercepting the pass as the Bulls were making a push to bring it to a one score game.  Lupematasila would add another interception with the help of a diving breakup by OLB Dashawn Goodwin.  The Force will host the 1-0 Hudson Thunderhawks Saturday with kickoff at 7:00pm.

New Home, New Look, and New Ownership

03/02/2018, 12:00am CST
By Force Staff

Fox Valley Force Prepare for 2018

The Fox Valley Force had a busy off season. Starting with new leadership immediately following the season of 2017.  Former owner Matt Reyes, passed the team on to two men he knew would keep the Force tradition going.

Those two men being Anthony Shimulunas and Matthew Crooks. Crooks and Shimulunas took on the team, upgrading their involvement from being Head Coach, and defensive line coach respectively , to co-owners of the Fox Valley Force who has been established since 2006; which is impressive compared to the average life span of an adult amateur football team. The new owners wanted to start the new journey off with a bang in year one, and with that they needed to add help. That help came with the brother of Matthew Crooks, Aaron Zepnick former Head Coach. Zepnick's new role will be General Manager, along with helping facilitate game day activities , and assistant coach as well.

The Force also retained wide receivers coach A.B. Cassell as all 4 men joined the Force at the same time and are still fighting their way to bring Force to new heights in the N.E.F.L. Those new heights involve a couple of other new entities within the organization. A new look is another way to jumpstart a new era. The final look is still being finalized, but the Force is putting in effort working with multiple apparel companies to make sure they get the look they want and their players deserve.

Finally, comes their new home, and hopefully final home for the Fox Valley Force. That is, located in Menasha. Calder has recently been updated to all levels you want in a facility to play. New turf, New locker rooms, and best of all, a great community to build around. Even before the Calder deal was finalized, that didn't stop the Force starting to get a feel for their new home. Local businesses loved the idea and have been anxious for the Force get Calder, as many feel it can have a good impact on the community and the local businesses

Fox Valley Force would like to thank the Menasha School district for the wonderful opportunity to play at such a fantastic facility and is looking forward to getting involved with the community. Fox Valley Force is always looking for ways to volunteer their time to help their community and surrounding communities. From reffing Special Olympics flag football tournaments in Neenah, to help spot for weight lifting events in Omro, and to the next project asking for help. The Fox Valley Force is also still looking for game day volunteers, cheer leaders, and dancers. Also, the Force never stop adding potential players, sponsors and coaches. Stay tuned for the uniforms of the Fox Valley Force to be revealed.