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Northland Bulls

Regular Season 2017

Team Info:


Established: 2012

Colors: Vegas Gold / Black

Home Field: UW-River Falls

2017 Record: 7-1 (Overall 8-3)

Lifetime Record: 27-23



Phone: (920)205-7196

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Recent North Bank Bulls News

Power Rankings - Final 2017

08/21/2017, 10:00pm CDT

Warriors End as #1

The Final Regular Season Rankings found the Warriors on-top for the first time all year, which held true for Final Rankings.  In fact, after the playoffs there were no changes to the rankings.

1. Minneapolis Warriors (6-2; 10-2) +0
Best: 1 | Worst: 7

Minneapolis started the season at (1-2), but ended with an 8-game winning streak to capture the Elite Bowl title.

2. St. Paul Pioneers (6-2; 9-4) +0
    Best: 1 | Worst: 3

St Paul spent most the year as the #1, but with some late season losses and their first loss in the playoffs in over 8 years; they end the season as #2.

3. Northland Bulls (7-1; 8-3) +0
Best: 3 | Worst: 7

The Bulls started the year (0-2), but rebounded nicely going (7-1) in the East Division.  They ended up falling short in the Elite Bowl.

4. Fargo Invaders (6-2; 6-4) +0
    Best: 1 | Worst: 4

After spending a majority of season at #2, the Invaders move to #1 was short lived as they finished the season with 3 straight losses.

5. River City Rough Riders (6-2; 9-5) +0
    Best: 3 | Worst: 5

River City started hot, but came across some loses in the 2nd half of the season; ultimately losing to the Bulls in the playoffs.

6. Chippewa Valley Predators (4-4; 6-5) +0
    Best: 5 | Worst: 7

The Predators qualified for the playoffs, but fell short in the first round; ending the year a game above .500

7. Fox Valley Force (3-5; 3-7) +0
    Best: 4 | Worst: 7

Fox Valley had some exciting wins and had some meaningful games late in the season, but couldn't quite make it into the playoffs.

8. Battle Creek Sting (1-7; 2-7) +0
    Best: 8 | Worst: 9

The Sting book-ended their season with wins.

9. Hudson Thunderhawks (0-8; 1-10) +0
Best: 9 | Worst: 10

Hudson picked up a non-NEFL, but couldn't remain consistent through the season.

10. Minnesota Brawlers (1-7; 1-7) +0
    Best: 8 | Worst: 10

Minnesota had their challenges both on and off the field, in their last year in the NEFL.


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NEFL 2017 All-Stars and MVP's

08/12/2017, 8:32pm CDT

League Awards Announced

For the leagues 10th Anniversary, the NEFL has switched things up a bit.  Previously, Each team chose their own All-Stars based on the number of wins they had.  In 2017, each team nominated players from their respective teams; and then representatives from each team met to discuss All-Stars by each position group, followed by a ranking system after the discussion.
Some of the positions were close, so a 2nd ranking was done from the pool of players that just missed the cut; awarding 2 additional All-Star spots for each Division.

The players below are the best at what they do, in arguably one of the best Leagues in the country.

NEFL Elite Bowl X Preview

08/12/2017, 12:45pm CDT

Warriors @ Bulls - 7pm

The time is here.  Championship Day, as a New Champion will be crowned; either the Minneapolis Warriors or the Northland Bulls.

#1 Minneapolis Warriors (6-2; 9-2) @ #1 Northland Bulls (7-1; 8-2)
  7:00pm at University of Wisconsin - River Falls, WI

The two teams haven't played since last year, when the Bulls were in the West Division.  This is a whole new Warriors team though, from Head Coach Willie Howard to Kahn Powell as OC, and a roster stacked with players who have won Championships.  So looking at last year probably isn't a fair comparison.

If we want to look at similar teams played in 2017, we might get a better idea but it's still not the best way to determine who will win.

  • Warriors @ Pioneers (L 0-17)
  • Pioneers @ Warriors (W 13-7)
  • Pioneers @ Warriors (W 17-7) Playoffs
  • Bulls @ Pioneers (L 13-21)
  • Rough Riders @ Warriors (W 38-22)
  • Bulls @ Rough Riders (L 23-28)
  • Rough Riders @ Bulls (W 7-6)
  • Rough Riders @ Bulls (W 36-19) Playoffs
  • Warriors @ Thunderhawks (W 43-12) Halftime
  • Thunderhawks @ Bulls (W 52-6)
  • Bulls @ Thunderhawks (W 46-0)

So each team has improved throughout the year with their biggest win coming in the playoffs.  Comparing scores, the Warriors have been the tougher team; but on the field matchups are everything, so let's just throw that all out the window.

Many have said the West is a tougher division, which showed in the Rankings as the Warriors, Invaders, & Pioneers were often the Top 3 teams.  But the Bulls came from the West and have ran through the East with a 7-1 record, so it's hard to gauge this matchup off that too.

Prediction: One team is going to get up by two scores, but Championship teams don't fold.. So the winner will be on the comeback to seal the win 28-21 in one of the more memorable Elite Bowls.

Come out to University of Wisconsin - River Falls for this one!!  The NEFL All-Stars will be announced at halftime, which gives you more of a reason to attend.  If you cannot make it, be sure to tune-in to the Live Stream on our Facebook page or on our website Homepage.